Boy Howdy:

The salutation 'Boy Howdy' was made popular by returning GI's after WWI. One of it's many meanings says  'Listen Up, I've got something to say.'

So here it is.

When the Pandemic hit I found myself in Central Oregon and decided to stay. Through circumstance I found myself writing about history in the area around Cove Palisades Park where I now live.   Isolation is good for a writer.

I started to get published in local newspapers, newsletters and with the Jefferson County Historical Society .  Many of my writings are works in progress and show in the toolbar to the left.  Your comments are welcome and always appreciated, just respond at Send Me An Email.

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For those of you meeting me for the first time

here is a bit more about my journey 

After spending twenty three years as owner/director of the Photographic Image Gallery in Portland and five years as a docent at the Portland Art Museum, I decided to retire to Central Oregon.

Fifty years ago I bought property at Lake Billy Chinook and with my brother built a cabin near the lake.  For all those years it became a refuge for an extended family.

I knew the Metolius River and the surounding lower desert held memorable stories and a forgotten history, one that had never been covered in a single book.  A chance meeting with 96 year old Hope Nance, the last survivor of Grandview, was the key that opened  the door to that history.  Who doubts that a single moment can change your path in life and open such possibilities?  

I interviewed people who were approching the end of their life, I walked the rutted dirt roads and searched abandoned places. I turned to the local libraries, Family Finders, newspaper archives, hand drawn maps, diaries and the internet to find answers.  Now loaded with my research  have been contributing articles to local newsletters, newspapers and the files of the Jefferson County Historical Society.

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